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Starflow brings smart property to the influencer economy. We create, establish and facilitate an open distributed ecosystem, inviting all parties to engage in the empowerment of man in the new distributed digital economy.

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Meet Starflow

We're on a mission to create, establish and facilitate an open distributed ecosystem, inviting all parties to engage in the empowerment of man in the new distributed digital economy.

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Empowering the Influencer Economy.

Starflow is the one place that brings together consumers, creators and brands around any interest, passion or topic. We are creating a new era of content production, monetization and consumption, where you own your data.

Monetize your influence

Delighting content creators by relentlessly delivering the platform that become essential to the way value creation is produced, distributed and monetized.

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Tell your story

Becoming the ultimate global and digital marketing platform for brands by utilizing the power of content creators and their audience.

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Manage your clients

All types of value providers and representatives who are committed to the empowerment of man in the new digital economy are invited to participate and integrate in the network.

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Follow your favorites

Building the world’s best global and digital entertainment platform by revolutionizing the way fans and followers consume social media and digital content.

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Understanding the new generation

At TALENT, we help brands decode Generation Z, the post-Millennial cohort that is quickly coming of age. More specifically, we help brands understand how Generation Z is different from Millennials, and how they can evolve their current strategies to begin engaging with this emerging audience. Our mission is to help our clients achieve a next-gen youth mindset that breaks through the noise.

  • 2.56BN – forecasted Gen Z population by 2020
  • $44BN – annual purhasing power in the USA
  • 23.7% – of the UK population
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Trusted by leaders

The best brands, companies and media agencies are already using Starflow to streamline their marketing campaigns. Starflow has also exclusive contracts with three of the major record labels.

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In collaboration with the newly built hotel Scandic Downtown Camper, we shot a commercial of Theoz having a hectic day and exploring Stockholm, to then unwind at the hotel. The goal of the campaign was to showcase the comfort of having a hotel adapted for both for the go-getter and families.


Why blockchain? Why a token?


Allowing the entire community to become a part of what we are building, and a way to incentivize creators to come onboard.

Money Creation

Allowing money to be created at the epicenter of value creation & consumption through the blockchain and smart contracts.


Allowing us as a company & brand to be judged for our own achievements, rather than the performance of others.


StarCoin will serve as an ERC20 utility token, creating a decentralized, community-driven virtual economy inside the Starflow network, enabling smooth, transparent and fast transactions between the users inside the ecosystem.


ProtoStars are fractioned StarCoins, used in an off-chain solution and can be transferred freely in order to buy and sell exclusive content, instantly. ProtoStars are directly attached to the content, enabling value creators to name their own incentives.



Ticker Symbol
Total Initial Supply
Available in ICO
1/3500 ETH
Hard cap


Token Allocation

  • 50%

    Will be sold during the ICO and these funds will be retained by Starflow to develop and build the Starflow platform.

  • 25%

    Will be retained by Starflow for the Rewards Program to incentivize the community and spread the word about Starflow.

  • 12.5%

    Will be retained by Starflow as an asset to bring value to the core team of Starflow, with a one year lock up period.

  • 12.5%

    Will be distributed to all of the advisors whom are helping Starflow to become a success, with a one year lock up period.


Our team have been working on these issues since 2008, with the mission to bring the power back to the people online.

David Gabor

Founder and CEO

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Ludvig Eriksson


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Valeria Viana Gusma


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Anelis Redzic


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Leonard Pauli

Full-Stack Developer

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Ludwig Holm

UX/UI Designer

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Hugo LePrince


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Maksim Ivanov

Full-Stack Developer

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Vladimir Gorshunov

Full-Stack Developer

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Maria Verbenko

Full-Stack Developer

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Elias Holm

Community Manager

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Nicholas Staël von Holstein

Research Manager

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Theodor Wiese

Research Manager

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Frida Renlund

Research Manager

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August Hernmarck

Influencer Manager

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Oskar Sahlin

Content Manager

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Eric Bjers

Research Manager

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Kirill Mikhel

Full-Stack Developer

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Our team and advisors have been working on these issues since 2008, with the mission to bring the power back to the people online.

Johan Staël von Holstein

Early Backer & Advisor

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Johan Sellström

Technical Advisor

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Eliot Robinson


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Fredrik Wester

Early Backer & Advisor

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Johan Schotte


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Erik Wikström


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Mark Friedler


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Anders Larsson


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Joakim Holmer


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Legal Advisors

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Starflow is a digital entertainment platform, whose purpose is to maximize income for content creators, follower experience and brand reach, designed for consumers to come closer to their favorite creators and topics with a better experience and for other users to share their interests.

We provide an ecosystem and infrastructure with the mission to empower the man in the new distributed digital economy, released as an integrated blockchain platform, network and stand alone scalable DApps for entire influencer economy, including controlling your own data, monetizing your content and cutting out unnecessary middlemen. Targeting initially top tier creators and backed by large user growth pool concept.

StarCoins are ERC20 tokens that will be used as a payment method in the Starflow network. They are not securities or for speculation. There is no promise of future performance. There is no suggestion or promise that StarCoin has or will hold a particular value. StarCoins give no rights in the company and do not represent participation in the company. StarCoins are sold as a functional good. Any value received by company may be spent without conditions. StarCoin will also be used to incentive creators, developers and other collaborating parties working on and with our open platform. This will ensure longevity and staying in the forefront of development. Finally it will enable Starflow to build it’s own brand, strengthen the relationships with its partners and to be judged for its own achievements.

ProtoStars are fractioned StarCoins (1/1000), used in our decentralized, but off-chain system where they can be handled and transferred freely in-between all parties in order to pay and buy content, merchandise and other services. They are held in wallets under direct control and responsibility of each account holder. The coins are integrated in the platform and they are directly attached to the content, enabling value creators to name their own incentives. ProtoStars and StarCoins will be interchanged for each other in our internal exchange. The ProtoStar technology will be open-sourced based, ensuing full transparency for the entire community.

Some of the transactions on the platform would be of micro (or nano) size. It is impossible to use ERC20 tokens for those, both because of speed and cost. We need another solution and have a two-phased approach here. Initially we will implement a transactional database system in a centralised manner using well known technology to give us next to zero transaction times. Another reason we can not use ERC20 or similar is that the intrinsic ProtoStar tokens will not be fungible but issued according to certain rules, f.i any ProtoStars not used within 6 months from distribution will be returned to the User Growth Fund. Proposed sidechain solutions such as Raiden and microRaiden primarily support the many-to-one types of payment network use cases. This would work for followers buying from a few influencers or from Starflow but to support trading of digital assets within the community it is not sustainable to have to tie up your net worth in escrows to create the required payment channels. Once available for production and proven to live up to expectations we will instead implement ProtoStars on EOS. At that point we will also reevaluate the dichotomy of having two different currencies consider transitioning away from ERC20 and only have one single native EOS STAR coin.

We want to be able to control money creation and resource allocation to reflect the value of the protocol and network. This would not be possible if we were to use another currency governed by externalities outside of our control.

Our token strategy is based on building network effects and our user growth pool is exclusively set a side to fuel growth in the platform. Through the structure of the distribution of the user growth pool and the tactics to also only releasing ProtoStars, we are building the demand side of StarCoin, thereby securing a strong development in the StarCoins token economics.

The Starflow cryptoeconomics are divided in two layers. A B2B layer on a blockchain (StarCoins) where all transactions between the value creators, external companies (called Brands), all types of participating value and service providers are conducted. The Blockchain layer, with all its benefits, will increase efficiency, enable international reach without remittance, cutting costs and saving time. Brands will use StarCoin based on an ERC20 Token to reward and pay creators for their achievements in brand endorsing activities. Creators will get paid in the network with StarCoins as they create value in cooperation with brands. In the process, not only will the creator receive the payment faster, but also cut layers of unnecessary middlemen, insuring significant increased efficiency and resulting in improved, measurable value creation. Partners, service providers and other value providers will also be paid with coins for their contribution and value creation in the ecosystem. Brands who would like to run campaigns with Starflow creators would have a discount by doing this on our platform, which will drive traffic and demand for the StarCoin. Only brands or creators will use StarCoin as payment for campaigns and services. Consumers on the other hand, will use ProtoStars, an off-chain payment solution which handles instant micro-payments inside the Starflow network. ProtoStars are exchangeable with StarCoims at the rate 1 StarCoin = 1000 ProtoStars. Creators will earn ProtoStars, as consumers will use them to buy and access premium content, merchandise and other experiences in the network. StarCoin is an ERC20 Token, which will be traded on exchanges like Etherdelta, etc. ProtoStars are not ERC20 tokens and will only be available to trade inside the Starflow network.

Even though Starflow is approaching initial launch of the app and web dashboards, the leap forward with integration of the StarCoin & ProtoStar in the ecosystem and as a payment method is anticipated to be more than just a straight-line progression. Bringing developers, marketing personnel, a legal team, designers and many other talented people on board will require additional funds. Offering an ICO instead of a traditional venture capital round enables the community to participate in Starflow’s success story, rather than limiting it to a small, selected number of traditional venture capital funds. It will function as utility token, strengthening relationships in between all participants and ensuring long term activities on the platform. It will also ensure that Starflow will be valued and appreciated based on our own performance rather than that of others. It will keep us on our toes. An ICO is fast, transparent and efficient for exactly this purpose.

Starflow is already backed by traditional VCs, but Venture Capital does not fit our business model moving forward. It's possible that several years from now we'll consider VCs for growth and expansion if the potential private equity partner is aligned with our vision and commitment to users.

Starflow’s primarily corporate income will come from small exchange fees when tokens are moved out from the ecosystem.

In order to scale the ecosystem, Starflow relies on an incentive structure that’s sustainable over time and affects all user’s in the ecosystem. The combination between incentives and the inflation model together with the natural depreciation through speculation will create a strong development in the underlying currency. User growth fund is used to incentivize users to participate in the Starflow ecosystem and to create fast networks effects by scaling the user adaption in the system. Ecosystems based on networks effects growth models are superior to other models according to Metcalfe law and Coarse theorem. To ensure sustainably growth and stability in the Starflow monetary system these effects are combined with a time driven inflation model where the system incentives user adoption, less per new user over time, which will create a sustainable growth model and thereby faster reach critical mass.

– A 600 million token endowment fund is allocated for new adopters (creators) of the StarCoin at maximum up to 1000 ProtoStars/follower.
– StarCoins received as a reward from the user growth fund can only be used within the Starflow ecosystem for changing towards ProtoStars.
– ProtoStars received as a reward can only be used within the Starflow ecosystem for value added services.
– ProtoStars has a exchange rate of 1000/1 StarCoins. StarCoins derived from ProtoStars from the UGF will be hold in escrow for a minimum period of 6 months or when next milestones and thresholds are reached in the growth model.
– No new tokens will be created once the user growth pool is exhausted.


- Pre-Sale will start on March 5, 09.00 am CET and will end once hard cap is reached
- Public Sale will start when Pre-Sale hard cap is reached and will end once the hard cap is reached.

1 ETH = 3500 StarCoin

Pre-Sale: 40% bonus during entire sale
Public Sale, Week 1: 20% bonus
Public Sale, Week 2: 15% bonus
Public Sale, Week 3: 10% bonus
Public Sale, Week 4: 0% bonus

Yes. To participate in the Pre-Sale and Public Sale you must first get verified in our KYC process.

The minimum participation amount is 0.1 ETH.

1. First, register an account on

2. Go through KYC steps and get verified. Please note that citizens or residents of the United States, China and Singapore (or any other jurisdictions, where participation in the StarCoin distribution event is or may be considered unlawful or illegal) are not allowed to participate and will not get verified.

3. Deposit ETH from your personal Ethereum wallet (such as, Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Parity, Mist or Ledger) to the ETH address provided in the Starflow Wallet.

4. Decide on the amount of ETH you would like to buy StarCoins with and accept the token sale terms and conditions, privacy policy and order form. Please remember that the minimum amount is 0.1 ETH.

5. When your ETH is successfully transferred to the provided address in the Starflow Wallet, you will be able to purchase StarCoins with your ETH balance. The smart contract will automatically send the tokens to your address and wallet as soon as the contribution is made.

We accept ETH only.

After your ETH are successfully transferred - our smart contract will send the corresponding amount of StarCoins to your wallet on the ICO Dashboard.

Yes. Our hard cap is 200 million (50% of total initial supply) StarCoins for the ICO.

Yes. Our soft cap (minimum goal) is 16 million StarCoins for the ICO. If the minimum goal is not met, ETH can be reclaimed via the smart contract.

Total Initial Supply is 400 million StarCoins.

All unsold tokens in the ICO will be distributed to our User Growth fund.

ICO: 200,000,000 STAR (50%)
Rewards Program: 100,000,000 STAR (25%)
Team: 50,000,000 STAR (12.5%)
Advisors: 50,000,000 STAR (12.5%)

No, we do not plan to have a follow-on offering.

At this point we are unfortunately not able to reveal information regarding exchanges. It will be published after our ICO.

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