Funding the creative economy

Starflow is empowering a world of creative minds. We provide the infrastructure that enables creators to focus on creating and capitalize on their knowledge, passions and creations. Our mission is to help every creator in the world with the ability to live off their art.


With AI, VR & Robots taking away 40% of our jobs in the future, how will humans survive with the current model that funds the web? Some people argue for a universal basic income, but we have a better solution...

Today, we all live in a digital world, where knowledge, data and content is distributed and consumed between people, but controlled and monetized by a few, but big organizations.

Advertising doesn't care how you feel about content, and if the current system stands, content that people love and connect to will become rare while content that is distracting will be the norm. Starflow is our attempt to slow that trend, and in the long run even to stop it. But it's not a problem that can be solved by technology––it must be solved by people.

We believe that good art is worth paying for. Starflow’s platform provide creators with the tools that enables them to make a living off their art, and by that helping them continue add more and better value to their fans. As a creator on Starflow, you own everything that you create––we act as pure infrastructure, simply here to help you grow your business.

Starflow welcomes creators of every kind - artists, athletes, writers, YouTubers, entertainers, podcasters etc., to allow their followers to become real fans by supporting their creative careers with actual money, instead of just likes and comments. Through subscription models, membership levels or simply just charging a fixed cost for a piece of art, creators will achieve creative freedom on a whole new level, which means they focus on the things they're the best at and provide fans with the content, knowledge and stories they love. No ads, no spying, no exploiting and no ugly tricks that incentivize clicks instead of beauty. Just creators creating, and consumers consuming.

So, join us on our mission to reinstall Content as KING!

Funding the creative economy

Our mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity—by giving every creator the opportunity to live off their art and fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it.

We want to fund the creative economy.

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Meet the team

  • David Gabor

    Founder & CEO

  • Ludvig Eriksson


  • Valeria Viana Gusmao

    Tech Lead

  • Ludwig Holm

    UX/UI Designer

  • Anelis Redzic

    Investor Relations Officer

  • Vladimir Gorshunov

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Denis Shtabnoy

    Web Developer

  • Adibbin Haider

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Frida Renlund

    Event Manager

  • Christian Dahl

    Creator Manager

David GaborFounder & CEO

Despite his age, David has more than 8 years of experience from entrepreneurship within design and development of disruptive digital products. At Starflow, David uses his past experience and UX/UI design and development skills to lead the visionary work alongside with the product development that brings the visions to life. At age 20, David has already raised over $3M to Starflow to bring his vision to the world.

Ludvig ErikssonCOO

For almost a decade Ludvig has been an integral part of building successful companies in the finance sector from scratch. At Starflow, Ludvig is using his skill set to ensure that Starflow’s great visions are transformed into action, by focusing on running the organization as effectively and qualitative as possible.

Valeria Viana GusmaoTech Lead

Valeria comes with more than 9 years of experience from full-stack web development, working with high-load platforms handling millions unique visitors a month. At Starflow, Valeria is making sure that high quality code will form the base of Starflow’s network, focusing mostly on making the user interface as friendly and intuitive as possible.

Ludwig HolmUX/UI Designer

Ludwig is an experienced digital designer with many recognised design projects in his portfolio, including companies such as Hyper Island, Stop LA, Garbergs and Oriflame. At Starflow, Ludwig is creating user interface design and experience with innovative and modern design, alongside with focus on creative features and solutions.

Anelis RedzicInvestor Relations Officer

Anelis has over ten years of experience in the investment management industry, investing in companies globally and co-managing funds with approx. $2,5bn in AUM. At Starflow, Anelis mission is to keep investors informed of whatever is going on inside the company. We believe in a simple and clear relationship building in real-time where honesty, consistency and knowledge is at the epicenter.

Vladimir GorshunovFull-Stack Developer

Vladimir has extensive experience from leading complex front-end projects for universities and interal admin panels. Furthermore, Vladimir has also been working on mobile and web apps for restaurants. At Starflow, Vladimir is working continually on improving front-end UX and UI alongside developing the mobile- and web app and back-end.

Denis ShtabnoyWeb Developer

Denis is an experienced frontend developer specialising mostly in creating web apps with React and mobile apps with React Native. His projects vary from interactive SVG map to sophisticated hybrid CRM app. At Starflow Denis is working on improvement and refinement a client side of an app, helping to bring it to the next level of perception.

Adibbin HaiderFull-Stack Developer

Adibbin has experience from teaching computer science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He is also currently pursuing his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science at KTH. At Starflow, Adibbin is applying his knowledge to the Starflow platform. He is mainly working continuously on improving the iOS application.

Frida RenlundEvent Manager

Frida has been working the last 5 years in the PR & Event industry. During the years she worked with some of the most recognized brands and hosted some of the most prestigious events in Stockholm during this time. At Starflow, Frida is responsible for planning all the events that Starflow will attend.

Christian DahlCreator Manager

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